Brandi Wilson

Blountville TN

I was born in Georgia, but ever since I was three Ive lived my whole life in TN quite close to the Smokey Mountains. For the first few years, I was homeschooled learning mostly hands on. Then I went to a private school, and onto a boarding academy for my senior year. After that, I traveled to TX to earn my Psychology/Education degree at Southwestern Adventist University.

I live on a small farm, and though its not often, I love going home to spend some time in the country. Recently, my travels have taken me outside the country, following God's call to go to Kenya Africa to be a missionary. There I was an Elementary Teacher for 3rd and 4th grade. I fell in love with my kids instantly and knew then I was in the right career.

My hope is that as a teacher, I will be able to inspire my kids to be anything they want to be, to not give up on their dreams, to teach them how to use the tools and resources around them to achieve their goals in life, and to instill in them the Christian heart that my parents instilled in me.

  • Education
    • Southwestern Adventist University