Bea Decena

Philippines, Cavite

I'm Bea Decena. I love taking pictures a lot. I love reading books, skating and I play RPG. I am the youngest and one and only daughter in the family.

I'm warning you that I'm not good at writing so it's not too late to back out. Haha. I just love expressing what I feel and what I do in my daily life. I post what makes me happy and what I love to do.
Here are some of my traits :D

~Curly hair

I love listening to relaxing and country songs
I am very easy to please
I love to smile all the time
I can't stay mad at people
I love cooking
I love chocolates (esp. white chocolates)
I love GREY I like cats
I ♥ Dogs
I love embracing the cold winds
I love looking at the stars
I love surprises