Béa Gonzalez

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I was born in Spain, and immigrated to Canada as a child. Following studies in Spain and Toronto, I pursued postgraduate studies in England where I discovered, after many twists and turns, that my greatest passion was for telling stories. After spending my twenties flying back and forth over the Atlantic between Europe and Canada--- trying to convince myself to pursue a career in academia---I surrendered, and returned to Toronto to begin my journey as a teacher and a storyteller.

My first novel, The Bitter Taste of Time, was published in Canada by HarperCollins in 1998. It tells the story of three generations of women living through the great historical upheavals of twentieth-century Spain. My second novel, The Mapmaker’s Opera, was published in 2005. Since that time, my novels have been published in seven countries, including Spain, where it was translated by a talented young woman who hails from my own region--- Galicia. In 2007, the rights to The Mapmaker's Opera were acquired by the Australian composer, Kevin Purcell, to be made into a musical. In 2014, I had the great privilege of attending a performance of the musical at the New York Musical Theatre Festival. It was a truly magical experience.

I am also a lecturer and educator, passionate about teaching people of all ages about the importance of a metaphorical interpretation of all things. I have founded an organization, Sophia Cycles, dedicated to spreading the Word---inscribed in images, luminous as it weaves through the greats works of poetry, alive and potent in myth. At present, I am working on a high fantasy, young adult trilogy entitled "The Lindorm Chronicles", and a non-fiction book detailing my never-ending search for meaning.

I find meaning in many places--under stones, in sacred music, in science and in myth, and in my daily interactions with my family and friends.