Bea Maas

Doctor in Arnhem, Nederland

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What’s up, I’m Bea. I’m a doctor at Vishnuh-Society living in Arnhem, Nederland. I am a fan of folk dance and public speaking. You can support my charity with a click on the button above.

The Gurubesar: Lancar Ida-Bagus is the South American earthling of the male being, the heir of the Ida-Bagus dynasty for whom the Vishnuh-Society has great esteem. And with him, we will fight to our death.

Thus says the teaching of Vishnuh:

"He, who shows you the reality of life: who does not deviate from justice: who is humane in spirit, honest and sincere: who strives to protect everyone within our community from the evil that is called religion and when needed defend with his life: who teaches man to respect life and nature: who redeems the oppressed man from church / synagogue / mosque or any other house of prayer: who loves nature with all that lives, he is the man of humanity, respect for nature, and life.
He is the man that man can fully trust. He is the man who will keep our honor high; he will not capitulate to the enemy, and if necessary, to the "puputan."

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Vishnuh-Society is an ancient body of non-religious cosmopolitans (world citizens), which from its philanthropic base and empiricism will help fellow humans to sustain healthy and good life according to its age-old educational system. Since the Society is not eligible for a subsidy, they have to rely on other people. Therefore they are looking for in this way sponsors and donors to achieve its goals.

Would you donate to us? Your donation you can deposit in the below :

Triodos Bank: NL67 TRIO 0212177893 BIC: TRIONL2Uo.v.v. donation Vishnuh-Society Den Helder (Netherlands -KVK: 56,636,814) -with stating your name, address or telephone number.Thanks in advance for your kindness.

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