International beauty Center

International Beauty Center4131 Spicewood Springs Road Building I, Suite 4Austin, TX 78759, United States512-522-3783info@beautycenterinc.com facials and microdermabrasion toelectrolysis and waxing, the professionals at theInternational BeautyCenter will ensure you indulge in a luxurious beauty routine aidedby a team of passionate experts. Dry skin, or too much unruly hair? The InternationalBeauty Center provides ultra-customized beauty assessments and services, whilespecializing in permanent hair removal treatments.Uponentering either of their Austin or Houston locations, patrons can expect afriendly welcome followed by a personalized discussion. In fact, theInternational Beauty Center uniquely tailors treatments for women, men,teenagers and transgender individuals to find out what options will bestachieve their goals. TheInternational Beauty Center specializes in an advanced hair removal techniqueknown as electrolysis. Although some laser hair removal systems can removehair for a while (and we all know how hair likes to come back!), electrolysis is the only FDA-approved treatment that provides permanenthair removal.It is also important to recognize that laser hair removal is apotentially risky procedure. Everything from swelling and burns serve to make laser hair treatments an undesirable option in themanagement of unwanted hair. Conversely, electrolysis is so gentle on the skinthat individual’s can resume most of their regular activities in as little as24 hours after treatment. In fact, theelectrolysis machine has 550 different hair removal settings! In the hands ofthe these experts, you will be amazed with the results. TheInternational Beauty Center also offers customized waxing services as well as ahost of rejuvenating facials and personalized beauty packages. Their facialsincorporate the best elements of microdermabrasion and natural exfoliation,while their waxing services offer quick, no-fuss appointments that will leaveyou with a spring in your step as you carry out the rest of your day. Tomake an appointment and to find out more about the International BeautyCenter’s specialized services, visit the International Beauty Center’s website or call (512) 522-3783.