Bea Hervella

Bea Hervella

I love mixing meteorology with everything: health, fashion, wine, tourism...

Now I work as meteorologist, bio meteorologist, video blogger, weather anchor, entrepreneur, community manager and product designer, among other things.

My project is 4gotas. There I developped a lot of things as:

* Whatoweather, a free app that matches weather and fashion all over the world.

* AQuePlaya, an app that tells you the nearest beach that gather all your wishes.

* A biometeorological forecast that indicates conections between meteorology and some pathologies as heart attacks or migraines.

* Or the chronicles of «1 Gota de Nube», a handmade video blog of weather curiosities (in spanish).

Before, I worked 13 years in MeteoGalicia (Regional weather center which I helped to create) and 11 years as weather anchor in the public television of my region (CRTVG).

All with creativity and enthusiasm.