Oh hey there! Wanna know what my mask is all about? Well, it's just that I would always have a hard time blabbering about who I really am. I just don't know myself that much. So much for that haha.

As I was saying, I would have a hard time introducing myself. So, I won't be able to write too many introduction 'bout myself.

Here it is:

I am generous with my height.

I am so much of a bipolar

I have trust issues.

I consider very few of people in my circle as my friend.

I consider my feelings as a glass. Very fragile.

Lives beside the sunrays, in Sun.

A legendary procrastinator.

And now, I'm going to introduce to you my mask. Em getting weirder and weirder, right?

You'll only see her silhouette, not actually her.

She's a dust.

Music's her crying shoulder.

Reading is her cup of tea.

She's the great pretender.

Lives six feet under the stars.

Em a bit into kpop. I listen to B.A.P., Block B and also EXO. And now, starting to listen to BTS. Wanna know my bias in each of those? haha. If you don't care then, you don't.

*Zelo, Xiumin, U-kwon, and J-hope :3

Umm, I also write stories. I'm just starting in the world of literature. I'm still in bit of observation. I also write words of wisdom on my own.

~My everyday facade hides my twin; sadness.

That, above, would be an example. Well, If you would see on my twitter acount, I tweet my words of wisdom several times.

Did I went too far? Em sarrehh :3 Mianheyo, chingus

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