Jennifer Sherman

I had my beautiful baby boy 7 months ago and between kids, husband and work I forgot about having time for myself. As a mom you want to make sure everyone is taken care of and then if you have time or money you do something for yourself.

Until this summer when I went to put on my bathing suit and shorts that I wore in the past and they didn't fit. I realized that while I made sure that everyone else was healthy and in shape I didn't do they same for myself. And I was devastated. While I was never a size 2 or ever going to be a size 2. I do want to look good and be in the best shape I could be.

With that reality setting in, I realized it was time to do something for myself and my family. I wanted to get back into shape!!!! I looked at different weight loss and fitness programs to see what they offered and of course what they cost. I finally found my way to the website and saw the variety of different programs they offered, in addition to meal replacements, recipes, and a community of others who had the same goals that I did. I also recruited my husband as additonal motivation, an accountabilty partner.

I joined on the team beach body home page for FREE and was able to start logging workouts, talk to others and get great recipe ideas. After a few weeks I realized I needed to do more so I ordered Shakeology, which is their meal replacement shake (in Chocolate flavor, of course.) and TurboFire (a high intensity workout that aimed to give you an overall body workout.)

I have to say after 2 weeks of having 1 Shakeology shake for breakfast daily and going through the first 2 weeks of TurboFire, I had people at work asking me what I was doing. Besides being extremely excited I realized for the first time I found something that works. After hearing that I knew I had to let other know that this is the real deal.

So I became an Independent Beach Body Coach, an opportunity to give others the chance to become healthy and fit. To allow both men and women to see the results that following the Beachbody plan can work for them too!!!! What I do is motivate, listen, support and help others succeed in reaching their health and fitness goals.

Can I help you achieve your health and fitness goals?