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Whether you like it or not, the appearance of your teeth has a dramatic effect on both how others perceive you together with your own self-image and self-esteem. Studies have shown that the person's appearance may have a powerful influence on their social and job success, by influencing how others perceive them. Actually, more than 707 of Americans think that an ugly look could hurt job success. 'We still find it very important to help people in their each and every day lives by giving them beautiful smiles,' states Rene Piedra, DMD.

While the appearance of the teeth is among the most essential contributors to facial beauty, it's also probably the most frequently forgotten when improvements to appearance are desired. Someone with low self-esteem linked to their facial appearance, can often be considerably assisted by cosmetic dental procedures. Be taught more about home page by visiting our pictorial article. Dr. In case you need to identify more about dentist palm beach gardens, we recommend many databases people should think about pursuing. Piedra mission is 'to supply my patients with healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Getting the smile you want is not a matter of fate but certainly one of choice.'

What is surprising to most is the fact that regardless of what the problem along with your smile, there's ways to make it absolutely spectacular.

* Stained, stained teeth may be whitened

* Crooked, overlapped teeth could be straightened

* Chipped, broken, used teeth can be restored

* Unattractive steel fillings can be replaced with natural-looking restorations

* Missing teeth can be replaced

* Gaps between teeth may be shut

* Gummy laughs may be fixed

Smile makeovers have grown to be faster, less invasive, more common and more successful in improving cosmetic dental dilemmas. 'The effect of these procedures may be nothing lacking dramatic both in terms of appear-ance and also in terms of solving, at the very least partially, personality deficiencies caused by weak self-image,' says Dr. Piedra and his many happy patients would agree.

Dr. Rene Piedra ( is a member of-the American Dental Association and Texas Dental Association and the South Florida District Dental Association. He is able to be approac