S & A Beads

"Whether you

need jewelry supplies to make a beautiful necklace or are searching for unique

beads to add to a charm bracelet, S&A Beads has just what you’re looking for. This Takoma Park based bead store

serves the beading community around the world and is the go-to source for any

and every beading need.S&A Beads is open seven days a week and offers a variety of services to beading

beginners and professionals alike. No matter your preferences or experience

level, the passionate beading experts at S&A Beads will help you find the right supplies to make a necklace, bracelet, or beaded art project. Simply

taking a casual look at their extensive catalog yields interesting ideas that

are sure to make your next beading effort unlike anything you’ve done before.

S&A Beads also offers classes and workshops to help you hone your craft. They’ll

teach you how to conceptualize and craft jewelry as well as how to use wire

wrapping techniques that you can apply to future projects. They also offer

workshops to help you acquire new skills and connect with other bead

enthusiasts. To learn

more about beading or to purchase your next batch of beading supplies, give S&A Beads a call at (301) 891-2323, or visit them online."

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