Conny Gregori

Hi there, thanks for popping in! :)I am Conny and I live in Canada's only true desert the Okanagan region in British Columbia, a semi-arid steppe complete with sagebrush, tumbleweeds and cacti.

I always had a passion for art and design and I love being creative and working with my hands. Creating jewelry and beads and give them a unique finish with all sorts of waxes and paints fills me with joy. Most likely it is because of my professional background as a graphic designer and illustrator and the many years I worked with water colors and brushes in all shapes. I am a self-taught jewelry maker and constantly learning.

Each piece in my shop is one at a time handmade by me and most likely not perfectly matched, but those little imperfections and variations are just adding more character, and for me they are the hallmarks of handmade products…