Ben Evans

Hi people!

This is a page that's just got a little bit about me as a person and the kind of things that I've been up to, and where I want to be!

I'm currently based and living in the UK, just a train ride away from London. In terms of art, I haven't been drawing for that long come to think of it. I've been drawing seriously for about three years now and just been spending the last year trying to create my own consistant style. I've just recently graduated from University, studing a degree in Ba (Hons) Digital Animation and came out with a 2:2 overall (just missing out on a 2:1!). I enjoyed the creative side of the course and decided that I want to be involved in the illustration side of art for my future career choice.

I like to think that my education has been prodcutive and I feel that University life has helped me push me in the direction I want as a career, but I think now is the time in which I need to make a name for myself. I'm constantly drawing and improving my digital skills as well as my traditional drawing. My aim is to produce memorable illustrations that I will be recognised by, I would like to work with a variety of different artists and clients to produce artwork that will help leave an impression.

So I have many different ways of uploading my art to the internet, please feel free to check out my work. If you like what you see and would like to consider hiring me for a job, then feel free to contact me via email.

Many thanks!