Beanie NFT

crypto angel investor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In cyberspace, the name Beanie has generated an array of almost metaphysical questions over the years: Who is Beanie? What is Beanie? Why is Beanie?

The answer can’t be found in Hume, Bentham or Hegel; nor on a blog written in the dead of night by a pajama-clad keyboard warrior. These days, the best source of all things Beanie is a Twitter account:

There, the crypto angel investor announces: “I bet on builders. My biggest success stories include the @pixelvault_ and @wolfdotgame. NFT projects Tweets are not financial advice. I’m typically wrong.”

The last line is playful irony, for Beanie has not often been wrong, typically. This same droll sense of crypto humor is on display in one of the Tweets, in which he declares, “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

On Twitter, we also learn that his creative energy is currently focused on ventures described in his new website: Among these are Pixel Vault, Game Vault and Blur, geographically dispersed startups spanning the continent, from California to New York and Ontario. We collect more clues by searching relevant keywords, such as: Beanie Crypto, Beanie NFT and Beanie Maxi.

Since Beanie’s return to Twitter earlier this year, his number of followers has swelled past 177,000; which would seem to indicate that there are more than a few crypto connoisseurs and cultural observers who are curious about what he has to say. Or maybe they’ve just come along for the ride: the search for Beanie, across the blockchain.