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Beans van Zyl

Somerset West

Beans van Zyl

Somerset West

As the youngest of 5 children, I grew up traveling the world with my pilot dad. Experiencing so many cultures from such a young age has made me passionate about life, people, fashion, food and of course traveling.

I recently started a blog, Cocobean, on what I am truly passionate about.. food. The food that I love to cook, eat and share with my loved ones. Food that nourishes and impacts the way that we feel. Food that leaves you feeling happy, nurtured, satisfied and ready for life. Most of the recipes are revolved around a plant-based, whole food way of eating. I try to stay clear from gluten, refined sugar, wheat and red meat. You will find all sorts of recipes from vegan, vegetarian, wholesome, gluten free, nutrient rich foods. I am a big believer in balance and a healthy happy lifestyle.

After studying to be a teacher at Stellenbosch University, I married the love of my life and have never been more happy!

I’m a bit of a dreamer and look for the good in everything.

My real name is Jacqueline but no one really knows that. Everyone just calls me Beans as I am full of energy and life and find it difficult to sit still. I love dancing, especially ballet. Healthy food excites me. Chocolate & macarons delights me. Stylish people inspire me. My family and friends mean everything to me.

I love all things creative and beautiful.

A lover of life.

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