Groupon & Beans Talk

New Delhi, India, Earth, 3rd planet from the Sun

Groupon was known all over the world, but the story was not quite the same when Groupon landed in India. It didn't know the people and no one knew it. It found it hard to survive in a place with no voice, no one to talk to, no one to fight for it, no one to help it grow into something beautiful.

Groupon sat far away, and watched life go by, when one day, it came across an odd sight. Talking beans! At first, Groupon was not sure about them, but after talking to the beans, it found out that they were just like him!

Raj and Ma Bean had ancestors who came from central South America. At first, no one knew them, but then slowly the beans found their way into the lives of the people of India, both young and old, male and female, fat and thin, rich and poor, and everyone in between.

They felt sorry for Groupon, and decided that they would stick by Groupon.

Groupon was happy. At last, someone to talk to and bond with!

Slowly and steadily, the beans and Groupon started to grow, like the magic beanstalk. It twisted its way into everyone's hearts and wallets, as it reached greater heights, into something simple, yet magnificent.

They were soon on top of the world. Even the sky couldn't limit them. Groupon, with the help of the talking beans and the beanstalk they created together, became a giant in their field. They were unstoppable.

Now, Groupon can't be thankful enough for the time it heard the beans talking. If it weren't for them, and their beanstalk, Groupon would've been left far below from where it was now. Groupon told them it wanted to include their names for the company, but they refused.

"We're only a couple of beans that talk. Let us be your voice. Let us be the ones who say all that you want to be said."

So, Groupon let them handle a handle on Twitter. @beanstalk365

Nothing's bean the same since then!

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    • Unofficial Spokesbean of Groupon India