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🍃hey u can call me audrey or cody. im pansexual (prefers feminine ppl) and genderfluid (she/he/they).


im fourteen, white, a freshman (9th grade), and agnostic. i fuck up a lot so please help me out if i do.


i have diagnosed add (attention deficit disorder) but i suspect i have more though i will not mention them because i am undiagnosed. im not sure when but im planning to get a therapist.


intrests of mine include: nintendo, warrior cats, steven universe, undertale, game grumps, sufjan stevens, and drawing.


dont follow: especially dont follow if u will cause drama/block ppl over kins (ive had a bad experience w people like this so please just dont rq if u dont want anyone sharing kins), anti social justice, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, defend pedophilia, defend rape, etc.


pls tag irl eye trauma and fingernail trauma


✨kin list!!✨✨

idc if we share kins i just love being tagged as these characters and relate to them a lot.👏🏼

anne (pokkén tournament)

vaporeon (pokémon)

weavile (pokémon)

sans (undertale)

ivypool (warrior cats)

lapis lazuli (steven universe)

hollyleaf (warrior cats)

gray wing (warrior cats)