Bea Go


Bea, a boring kid who explores the Internet world (not using Internet Explorer tho). Tries to be original even though she can't.

I don't love my followers 4ever, I love them 5ever. Isn't that better than 4ever? Anyways, I'm Bea. Otherwise BEAonce [Beyonce]. I don't show my true self or stuff that I like to people, I let them find out who I am or what I like/dislike.

But here's one : I hate being ignored or replaced, and I hate people who talk behind my back.

I'm a HUGE fan of rainbows, floral prints, Mcdo fries, glazed donuts and Legend of Korra. I stalk Mako every single day (but not really).

I know I suck in doing biographies, but I'm trying?

Oh BTW, in my photo. I'm the one who's in the right. I really don't want people annoying me with silly questions.

yo waddup kbye ;D