Bea Paxson

One of the most successful and worldwide known female paintballer, Bea is known as one of paintball's best ambassadors. Bea brought something different to the paintball industry not only by being a female paintball player, but a vocal and knowledgeable promoter for the sport. In 2000, there weren't many female players playing national tournaments, thus manufacturers began to search for females to help endorse their products. For Bea, it was more than just putting on a "happy face" and smiling for the camera. With her entertainment background as a vocalist and dj, she used her training as a performer to help promote the products of her sponsors. She would dj at major events and would eventually do television and radio interviews in order to present paintball to the masses.

Bea started training on an all-girl tournament paintball team (Femmes Fatale) in August 2000. Tami Adamson of Extreme Rage Alternative Sports asked her to join the Femmes Fatale at the inception of the team's development and thanks to that introduction, Bea has been part of the paintball community ever since.

June 2001, she moved to Southern California and started working for the leader in the paintball industry at the time (JT USA) as their Promotions Coordinator where she helped managed a half-million dollar sponsorship budget. She has worked hard to advance the sport because of her educational background, hands-on experience, and because of her industry relationships as an individually sponsored female player.

In the first two years of Bea's paintball career, she quickly created a positive image for herself by doing what she does best - promote paintball. In 2001, at paintball's most popularly attended event called, "World Cup", she gave new meaning to the title "Promotions Coordinator" when she announced games taking place at the JT USA Compound, played music in between games, and commentated about those teams that were sponsored by JT before X-Ball or the New Super 7 Series began their feat to bring commentation to the forefront. Learn more at

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