Bear Garcia

Born and raised in Southern California, the world's mecca for custom cars, I have enjoyed working on things with wheels since I was a kid. I got interested in stereos & alarms in the 1980's, then by the early 1990's was working on custom suspension and sheet metal fabrication. As a hobby i designed custom concept model cars for toy companies like Mattel & Revell which were mass produced for children.

I opened my own shop in the mid 90's building custom show cars from the ground up, doing everything in-house. Continuing to gain a reputation for quality work in the industry, I was commissioned to write articles for toy, bike, and car magazines like Lowrider, Lowrider Bike, Truckin, and Scale. In addition, I have appeared on TV shows like Cruzin with Funk Master Flex, and the Travel Channel's Kings of the Road.

When Ryan, the owner of West Coast Customs-California, got word of the work i was putting out in my own shop, he invited me to work with him and his crew...where I continued to build cars for clientele like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Shaquille O'Neil, Kobe Bryant, and Carroll Shelby, to name a few.

In 2007 we started filming Street Customs, the TV series, Season 1 with Discovery Channel where I worked on the show as one of the key fabricators. Since West Coast Customs went international- with locations in Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, Russia, and Dubai...I had the opportunity to go come here (Dubai) and build projects for the region's most prestegous clients.

This year, 2010, marks 2 years strong in Dubai with dozens of builds under my belt, 2 T.V. shows in filming stages, and a shop that went from just plans & passion to a fully-operational 17 team member shop jam-packed with jobs in less than 12 months! I have certainly broadened my scope of work and adapted more passion for 'foreign' builds than i ever imagined...on cars both classic and straight off the showroom floor on Masarati, BM.W., Mercedes, and Audi, to name a few.

Currently, I continue to be featured in print ads & arrticles and get involved in car shows, events, and contests...all in attempt to develop a custom car culture, in the Middle East, that meshes regional tradition & style with classic technique & modern technology...but I'm really looking forward to getting more involved in building up and improving the industry in the Gulf region through youth education, museums & historical collections, and organizational inv