Lyndon Beard

Lyndon joined Vodafone in May 1999 and has filled the following roles during his tenure; Customer Care advisor, Retentions advisor, Subject Matter Expert, Team Leader , Operational Change Analyst ,Operational Change Manager and Operations Manager.

Lyndon's current role is Operations Manager for Specialist Care, based in our Kingston Contact Centre. Lyndon supports our Social Media, Correspondence and Technical Support teams.

Lyndon's key learning during his time at Vodafone has been to consistently put yourself in the shoes of our customers to understand where the pain points are felt and take ownership of those irritants that are within your control to fix or influence.

Lyndon's daily focus is to challenge the way we do things as a business and start to focus more on what our customers want and need rather than develop processes than focus on our internal needs. Lyndon is passionate about his role of Grow Champion within the Kingston Contact Centre and will use this opportunity to encourage others to take an increased level of responsibility in developing their careers, both on a short and long term basis. Lyndon believes the more we invest in the development of our people the more we’ll be able to contribute as individuals across the business and drive the performance of VHA as a leading mobile and customer service provider.

Lyndon's advice is to never be afraid of having the conversation with your leader on what skills or development you require as a VHA employee. Identify the areas of our business that you are interested in and commit to finding out more about these roles and understanding what the right career path is for you based on personal interest and skills.

Ultimately each individual controls their own career path so make sure take ownership of it, work with your leader to seek the level of support you require to advance your knowledge, skills and performance and never for one moment think that something is not achievable!