Bear Universe

Artist in Virginia

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Hey! My name is Bear and I do art! (Well, I try)

I draw mostly furries, but I draw humans sometimes.

I am 14 and female, I go by any pronouns except 'it'.

I am pansexual, but I lean towards girls more.

I am currently taken by my lovely sugar bunny 💕

I'm quite shy at first, but I'll open up sooner or later.

My commissions are currently open right now, I would appreciate it if you could spread the word or commission me :)

I have 600+ ocs, but most are forgotten.

My tags just in case you want them for some reason.

My commission prices: #bearscommissionprices

My ocs: #bearsgalacticocs

The "visit my website" thing is my thishcrush, you can leave comments there if you want :)

I love all of my followers, thank you so much for staying with me ❤

Thanks for reading this far!