HEY IM TEDDIE/LOUIS!! 💖 im agender but sometimes im ok with u calling me a boy or a girl! im also a minor around the age of 13-15

dm to follow or ill decline ur request / always tell me why u unfollow!!! (ill get rlly paranoid if u dont tell me why and i might post about it depending on the situation)

when talking to me my personality might change alot so just bear with me

im not comfortable talking about my mental issues publically so ask me about that in a dm if u wanna know


• u havent read my id page (link below)

• u id as any rapists or sexual abusers

• ur homophobic, transphobic, or racist

• u follow other ppl who id as me / wont see me as myself

• ur gonna ignore my posts

if u want my hidden id page (my tumblr page that lists all my other ids besides teddie) then u have to have at least skyped me once before dming me for it

below is also a link to a page listing all my comfort characters!! (ur allowed to follow if u kin with any of them) i never post about them publically on posts but i just thought i should make a page for them!!!