Beary Bear

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Well, where to start?
I suppose... I was born/made in a shop in Ontario, Canada in 1984. To give the exact date... Well... No idea.
I am 29 years old.
Being so young at the time, its hard to remember everything.

My owners Grandfather delivered when my owner was 3 days old.
Owners Grandfather eventually died when my owner was around 3. So really I am the only memory he has of his Grandfather.

There was a larger version of me, I was sold in a pair. Though Owner and I agreed to give him away to a boy who lost all his toys in a Tornado.
I remember that in the back of my head too. Scary.

I of course grew up like any Teddy Bear. With lots of love, lots of play.
A fun moment I remember well, was when the owner and I where around 7. We where playing army, trudding through the mudd, with plastic toy guns.

So many memories...

Anyways. Now the owner and I are all grown up, and we manage an Entertainment company together.
Just a start up of course. But we all start somewheres eh?

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