Beata Kozar

Beata Kozar

I am continously seeking a place for myself, always on the way to improve, learning from what is around me. There are so many themes, things around fuelling me to explore new opportunities. I am hungryfor life. Studied management in Wroclaw, interior design in London and photography in Warsaw. It allowed me to be more opened, creativeand given solid structure for being professional.

I have been organizing polish motorcycle fans and owners meetings. Played role of a charmain to polish students parliament. It helped me to be organized, independent in decision making processes as well asa good team player, leader when needed. It is beneficial in my dailyactivities, project management, coordination of subcontractors and coworkers.

I had spent 5 years in London, sudying interior design and turning knowledge into real investments. I have been living in Warsaw since 2008, where I run an interior design office. I am learning this cityand from this city, it's history and people. I am an observer,continously seeking inspirations. I have been recognized and proposed membership to Lady Business Club. Ladies with significant achievements, opened to the world and supportive to each other.

My energy comes also from my other passions. I used to be an activemotorcycle traveler which i turned into car off road, green lanestraveling, where i take pictures memorizing special moments. I do get inspired by other cultures, art and architecture, local cousine, tastes and smells. I bring it to my kitchen, which is my asylum whenever I need another form of relax.

Recently I have started playing golf. Great chance to utilize strategies into action, meeting people and additional opportunity to travel to new places.

If I only could be given a chance to move back in time I would have moved to 1920's Warsaw those days was beautiful, according to old films, pictures and books. It's architecture, culture and art inspires me which often can be found in my projects, either conceptual or realized ones.

Initialgoal of my design office was to help clients during stressfull investment time, trying to put a hint of taste and harmony to everyones house.

I am being a consultant, actively analyzing investors expectations, proposing solutions accordingly to their comfort zones, characters. My goal is to propose solution which is unified. Often my ideas have to be tuned, limited as my design fantasies could be seen too brave.