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Beate (Bay ott tay)

Being me at in Sticks, Pennsylvania

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Hi there!

I was born in East Germany, raised in Hamburg, West Germany. My Dad brought our family through the iron curtain in 1959, leaving our family farm behind. I was 5 years old and we lived almost 3 year in a refugee camp.

I started my first business at age 16: Pool cleaning for wealthy Germans, which led into catering their pool parties.

Moved to the USA in 1978, when illegal immigration was not fashionable. Why? Just because I was too big for my britches.

I met and married my husband in 1980. We have been in business together ever since. We made a great life as artists: He made furniture and I painted it with European folk designs.

Now my main occupation is:

Wife of that 1 husband (full time)

mother to 3 grown, married children,
mother in law to 3 almost grown married children,
grandmother to 9 grandchildren: 6 boys and 3 girls.

I design crochet patterns for fun and profit. My patterns set themselves apart because they are uniquely scrapbooked collectable digitals, which make the projects fun and easy to follow on tablet or computer with a terrific end result.

The greatest joy in my life, besides my close-knit family, is to help people wherever and however I can in all areas of life. BECAUSE life is so short you have to make the choices that lead to your fulfillment NOW.

I am overcoming cancer and will know in February 2016 that I am totally cancer free. I refuse Chemo Therapy and overcome solely with good nutrition, essential oils and main herb Curcumin.

Be blessed and thank you for your time to read my bio.
(meaning “the happy one” )

  • Work
    • Designer at Patterns Tried and True
  • Education
    • yes
    • I got a little
    • mainly trial,error, recognition,