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Hi, I'm Nao and I'm just a huge lump of stress and ball of anxiety.

please please use they/he pronouns when referring to me.

I am a minor, bisexual and pre-dating Jude, who I love so fucking much.

I am fict-kin and I use them to cope with situations and give myself a sense of identity.

My most important kins are:

+ Velvet Crowe

+ Haruto Tokishima

+ Ludger Kresnik

+ Kaizuka Inaho

+ Yuri Lowell

+ Simon Blackquill

+ Kay Faraday

+ Ringabel

No doubles for these please. Doubles are ok for lesser IDs.

My most important synpath is Nagihiko Fujisaki and I rlly love being tagged as him as I see mysef in him aswell.

When you've finished reading this and want to rq, just DM me a picture of Slaine Troyard !