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Behrens Morton

Stealing, effectively not actually: If wholesome competition is deemed stealing, then there goes capitalism out the door.

Certainly, there are thousands of Ebay sellers making great money promoting great items at very good margins, so why arent you?

Their secret They Know Exactly where To Get The Goods. My secret - discover the auction sellers and youve discovered the suppliers.

Most sellers are lazy - I know I was. I found out about by browsing Google Books. I copied and pasted descriptions of the merchandise straight from my wholesale suppliers website. Took their images too, with their internet site URL splashed at the bottom.

I shouldnt have been surprised, inside a couple weeks my competition went from two to about eight auction sellers of the same item. The average selling price dropped from $50 to $30 and my margin dropped 50% to 20%.

Most Ebay sellers wont be so dim as to contain a image with their suppliers web site address on it, but numerous will use their suppliers descriptions. If you take a section of this description and Google it, you could just find your supplier. Bear in mind to try different segments of the description and to use quotes.

Now once you have located your solution, your next objective is to force that supplier out of the market place. Take a very good look at their descriptions record their key phrases, could their images be improved.

Increase the content: Use Overture, to boost search phrases, and be sure to contain them in your title. Also remember to contain any common misspellings of your solution.

Increase the image: Use the Google image search to find alternate images of your merchandise (bear in mind to ask permission to use them). If you cant find any take 1 yourself with a high quality camera. Consider hiring a qualified if its worth it. Often a high quality image matters much more then other instances, for instance with jewelry a good quality photo is crucial.

Don't forget not to let any person steal your supplier from you, dont use any content or photographs that would guarantee you a similar fate..