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Tony White

Creator of Dargrim's Dungeon, Freerale and more besides, I work with bold designs, vibrant prose and high-velocity, highly polished fictioneering. Wild ideas, rambunctious imaginings and comical hijinks are all in a day's work; I specialise in comedy novels, from evil geniuses running dank dungeons in economic downturns to frenzed adventurers and their offbeat girlfriends dashing about in pacy chases and fitful steamfunk.

Always cooking up a book to make you chuckle.

Perpetually percolating personages in character design.

Currently Assistant Editor at 3DS Buzz and cooking up fresh comedy indie-novel plots for your cheery delectation.

Able to whip you up something shiny if you need things written, conceptualise a character for any role you need filled, or welcome you to my own merry multiverse; a rolling sprawl of groovy ideas, dryly wry dialogue, cartwheeling character development and plots perfectly poised to curl your lips into a grin.

Check out Dargrim's Dungeon, my first novel, for an intricate tale of backstabbing, betrayal, belly-laughs, perky paladins, glib goblins, inexplicably popular vampires and the practical applications of eels as offensive weapons.

Prefer more disco in your dabblings? Have a read of Freerale - almost 350 pages of steam, silliness, sarcasm and shenanigans, taking place in a vast wasteland in which steam power is the only option. It's 1874, but the world thinks it's 1974 instead; too funky to be punky, the comedic fun of Freerale is the world's first 'steamfunk' novel!

Need a fast, fresh, friendly and articulate article? Got something you need written up all posh and classy? Need to convey some information punchy, perky and to the point? My fingers are poised, ready to flutter and flurry at the keys to get you what you need; snappy, smart and salubrious!