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You can call a long story with a happy ending. Villa Palme so you can return to live again as it once was, when in the thirties was the Mediterranean School on the hills of Recco in Genova, created to accommodate and educate Jewish children who survived the Nazis. The idea now is to make a film shot by other students, namely the children of the eighth grade of the Comprehensive Bogliasco, Pieve, Sori. The project was presented the last month of february at the Museo Luzzati Porta Siberia, to launch a crowdfunding initiative to find the necessary funds for the production and continue the educational mission of yesterday again today, with other boys, reconstructing that period then ended dramatically with the closure in '38 following the racial laws. Then the two founders, the Weil spouses were able to save all the students, and then took refuge in the US. The villa has managed to resist the bombings, saying that during the war he was a Nazi outpost, even for the dominant position; then it remained abandoned for years; Today it is a residential dwelling, and has not lost that its mysterious charmThe short film,which will tell the commemoration of the Mediterranean School, active in the beautiful Villa Palme in the hills of Recco (Genoa) from 1934 to 1938 and was founded and run by Zenta and Hans Weil - professor at the University of Frankfurt and a student of Max Weber - to accommodate boys and girls German Jews sheltered by the advent of Nazism in Germany. Under the patronage of the Jewish Community, will take part in competition at the Giffoni Film Festival 2016.

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