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So I was thinking the other day that I have never really told you about me before!... well other than the little blurbs that blogger asked me to post ;) Today we're going to get completely off topic and talk about MOI! I invite you all to share a little about yourself too in our handy comment section! I love getting to know my readers and learning more about them! Also always feel free to email me your thoughts ! I love feedback and sometimes I feel that I may not appeal to all readers at all times but I promise you all that no matter what I write each time it's 100% me (unless otherwise stated) and they are thoughts that I share, values that matter to me, feelings of love for each of you!

I am a 26 year old Work at Home mommy, or as I like to call myself I'm a MOMpreneur. I've been a GreenyWAHM since December 2009 but lets backtrack all the way to July '86. I was born in East Germany in Luebz before the wall came down. I guess we lived about 2 hours or so away from the Wall and what they call West Germany. Growing up I don't remember a lot about East Germany other than the Freedom I had as a small child. The simplicity of it all. My 3 channel TV. Every afternoon there'd be 1hour of kids cartoons and then right before bed at 6:30 and 7pm there'd be Sesame Street and one more kids show. I went to daycare and my mom worked in a Bakery. My dad was in the military as that 's mandatory in Germany or you do “zivil dienst” which I think is like civil services but I don't think you got paid a lot of money for it.

In 1991 we moved to WestGermany . Boy you guys , I remember the excitement … CABLE TV! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? I was so excited that I ran all the way to our new appartment just to find out a few minutes later that after a certain time kids shows are a no go because kids should be a sleep! Did I mention we left in the evening and got to our destination quite late???? Oh I remember being dissapointed quite sad actually.
I started school the next year in 1992 my grandmas both came for my first day of school. It's a very big celebration where I came from! It's a HUGE milestone. It marks the day from moving from being a small child to being a big kid. My favourite subjects from day 1 were Art (still love to draw when I find the time) and music. As I grew older I participated in numerous choirs within school and outside of school. Singing truly had been a passion for me growing up. I jodeled (yes don't laugh) in competitions and act

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