Beatrice Belavidorico

Hi, I'm a T Girl from Zurich, Switzerland. I had been repressing my feminine nature until recently. I busied myself with work instead. However, it has dawned on me that I just tire as a man. To make an analogy, I see gender like handedness. It's tiring to act right-handed when you're really born left handed. You strain to do things which for others are easy because you constantly go against your nature. I have decided to feel my way towards transitioning. The magnitude of the project would feel daunting unless I could take it step by step, and converse with likeminded people as I go along. I'm therefore happy for any contact with other T Girls who are undergoing transition. I will hopefully enjoy the process, as well as the end result. Of course I'm also here to chat and socialize. I am approachable and like to converse on just about anything other than sports (though I am a fitness nut), so try me.