Beatrice Cord

Being about to finish my Master degree and for the time being my academic life, I find myself in an overwhelming position of having to really answer the question 'What's next?' with a trully long term plan that will allow me not only to find a job, but a life career that is not going to be a burden but a pleasure to which I am going to surrender with passion and dedication.

When in such a critical position I have to analyse my overall needs, desires, capabilities, strenghts and weakenesses in order to look at future and posible opportunities. Such a personalised SWOT can appear difficult for someone like me having experiences so many fields of activity and having quite a large variety of preferences and interests. But actually all of them can be congruent and just expressed simply in the strong desire for creativity, culture, communication and the beauty of making my world and thus the world a live in not a better place but at least a nicer and user friendly one. I believe in the power of images linked with words as well as I believe in the importance of multicultural bounding and crosscultural understanding.

To make a long story short, what do I like is to see, think, communicate and create beautiful and meaningful things, from projects, new images and brands to stories, photographs or trips. I love to travel and to bound in a personal and cultural way with each place that I see, I love to know peoples and their stories as much as I like to research about movies, books or authors that change something inside of me. I love biographies and even more the personalities that are inspiring not only a book but sometimes a trend or a generation. I love fashion, design and basically everything that is created with imagination, talent and that can be transmitted from person to person. I like to write and to tell stories. I like to promote the stories, persons, brands, countries, customs that I belive in. I hope to be able to influence the policy makers with the strenght of my stories and with the passion given by a true belief. I want to be able to grow even further in inspiration, to learn, see and discover every day.