Beatrice Thea Torsiende

Davao City, Philippines

Now that you already know my name, you could do yourself a favor by calling me Bea or Thea for short.

I'm currently 17. I love reading books. Writing is one of my hobbies. I am a self-proclaimed introvert. I prefer writing my thoughts in a paper than expressing it out loud with words. Large groups of people are not really my thing.

Anyway, I love blue. But in general, I like all colors in pastel shades. I have a sweet tooth. That is why I hate sour & spicy foods. But I love to eat pasta and pizza. Wanna know why? 'Cause both foods have cheese in them. Yeah, I love cheese. But no, I'm not a mouse. Got it?

I sometimes draw and sketch too. It's because I'm an Otaku, meaning I'm an anime lover. Reading books have always been a delight for me. I really loved The Harry Potter series, even though I still haven't watched all 8 movies yet. Of course, I can't leave out The Hunger Games Trilogy. It's actually the first book that I ever fell in love with. I've read tons of books already, but these two are the best books that have left a lasting impression on me.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy