Beatri Gita Ananda

Beatri Gita Ananda

Was born at Bandung, February 25th 1998

Now, I live in Bandung

I just an ordinary girl

Like math, English, social science, and many more

Like listening to music, read novels and comics

I don't really like vegetables, likes onion, garlic, and many more

Just a student in SMPN 1 Padalarang

I'm nine grade now

My idol is Emma Watson, Bruno Mars, Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan, etc.

Live with my beauty Mommy and my handsome Daddy

Have two sisters, Dayu Pravitasari and Gizeline Cahyaningtyas

Fave Sport : Badminton, Swimming, Volley, Rugby etc.

Sometimes to do the right things, we have to be steady and give up to the thing we want the most, even our dream - Peter Parker on Spiderman

Life would knock us down, but we can choose wheter or not to get back up - Mr. Han on Karate Kid