Beatrix Grace Rejuso

Republic of the Philippines

Full name: Beatrix Grace Salonga Rejuso

Nickname: Bea, Trix, Trixie, and Exie.

Current Location: Navotas City, Philippines

Birthday: November 3, 1996

Favorite Food: Korean, Japanese and Filipino foods! :3

Favorite Song: Be Mine (Japanese Version) by Infinite

Hobbies: Reading, Surfing internet, Go out with my friends! <3

Favorite Color: Black and Pink

Kpop Bias Group: Infinite

Bias: Kim Myungsoo of Infinite

One True Pairing: Myungyeol

Favorite Infinite MV: Be Mine, Nothing's Over and White Confession (Lately)

Relationship Status: Single :P

Well, As you can see I'm a Hardcore Kpop Lover! My Kpop Craze starts way back in 2010. And now, I'm a hardcore Inspirit! :3

Okay, enough of that fan girling thing XD.

Anyways, Wanna know me more? Just ask me here: . Don't worry I check it often ;)

My Other Accounts (if you wanna check it out ;) )


Btw, I'm a Wattpad reader too, but not a Writer, I don't have enough time to write a story there, so, I just read stories that capture my eye ;)

So I think this is a goodbye, then? :3

Love Lots, Bea :">

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