Beatriz González, Ph.D.

Communication Professional and Researcher in España

I am a Communication Professional and Researcher, with over ten years of experience in varied sectors (IT, Media, Government, Higher education, and NGO). Performing different roles such as marketing communication specialist, researcher, or journalist, have given me varied skills and the ability to work in various industries and with diverse types of people.

My interests range from Place Branding to Applied Research in Social Sciences. I hold a Ph.D. in Communication (Cum Laude), in the research field of Place Branding, focusing on the brand management and communication of tourism destinations for attracting international markets.Please find more information about my research here: "Tourism Destinations, Communications, and Digital Strategy: The role and practice of National Tourism Offices Abroad (NTOAs) for attracting outbound tourism markets."

I am also interested in the role of Diasporas in Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy. I have gained experience on this research line while developing the project “The relationship between the Dominican Republic and its diaspora: Case Study of the Advisory Council of the Dominican Presidency for the Dominicans Abroad, in Catalonia, Spain," as part of my Masters in Business and Institutional Communication. This work investigates the transnational links between the Dominican community in Barcelona and the Dominican State, as well as proposes a communication strategy for the Advisory Council.

Currently, I am seeking opportunities to contribute to relevant initiatives and projects which lead to the development of places, their communities, brands, and destinations.

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