BeatSymphony Music

Seattle, Wa

Take for example the night Will and Ro were doing a live improv mix at a local night club, and as the night started to wind down, Romie goes to a place in his mix, and Will follows on the keys and a Surreal Sound is created. This moment, that moved the crowd to engage even more and want to stay on the dance floor, was their inspiration. They call themselves BeatSymphony, Rough beats over a Smooth melody is the mix to that Surreal Sound.

They started making tracks back in 2004. Both Will and Romie worked at Guitar Center in SouthCenter, where Romie is still there as part if the Elite Sales Force. Combined they both have over 30 years of experience in the music industry. With the new wave of media platforms, they are embarking on some new projects. One that will bring entertainment to local companies and help increase their social connection with their clients. The second project will provide a platform for many artists to expose their talents and make the music world more socially connected.