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Hey ! Im Beau [pronounced bo] im 15 and my birthday is november 6th. I use any and all pronouns.My main account is @b.beaupai I love Kuramochi Youichi very much

This account is a spam/vent account so things can be very crazy with emotions and such. It is a very personal account to me that helps me get things off my mind.

things to know before you follow:

please dont take it to heart if i dont follow back

please dont follow me if you are not on good terms with my friends or me

if you are not sure if your on good terms with me dm me

if you dont like somthing that i post please dm me or unfollow

on this account i vent about people and things bothering me from kids at school to kids online if you think a post is about you please talk to me about it and dont assume it is atomatically about you

please dont screenshot my post and show them to your friends as a way to shit talk about me

if you have a problem with me please dont make a post about me rather just come out and tell me

other accounts:

line,tumblr,twitter: kmoochi

kik: .hoshi.

congrats you got this far please send me a picture of kuramochi,kuroo, kagami, or christophe

thank you so much dont forget to smile 💕😙