Conventional Binoculars

The eye pieces are hooded by two covers, which fit veryloosely and are not connected to each other nor to the binocular's body.

The stabilization function of these is nearly magical. Theview suddenly stabilizes when you activate the system like you've bolted theseto a heavy tripod, even though all you've done is press a button. This is howI've always wanted binoculars to be.

Very noticeable difference between using them with thesystem on vs off ... Finally bought a pair after reading so many rave reviews.Image stabilization is great but the image does suffer from a bit of colorfringing. Still, the stability of the image makes it far easier to pick outsubject details than with conventional binoculars.

This is a really good product that helps my inpsectionsgather some top notch data. The only problem is that the focusing wheel seemsto strip out, this has happened on two pair that I have purchased so far butthe company fixed them right away by sending them in.

They have a bright and clear view that is as steady orsteadier than 7 power non stabilized binoculars. I am glad I got the 15 powerrather than the 18 power because if you are in a hurry the field of view of the15 power is plenty narrow and finding stuff fast is a bit of a problem especiallyif it is moving.

I've loaned several binoculars before, but this is the firstI decided to purchase. The image stabilisation works extremely well, and evenif you have very sturdy hands, it proves its use in windy weather, which isoften the case where you have expansive views, like from hilltops or near thecoast.

Work well. They are easy to use and work well, Imagestabilization is great!

The Canon 18 X 50 image stabilizer binocular is the eassiestbinocular I have ever used, The stabilizer is also the industry best and givesthe user a clear view of whatever is be locked at with out wory over shakes atthe eye level

We love to casually birdwatch and my wife and I live formost of the year on a catamaran sailboat and the rolling of the deck can createsome steadying issues using our standard binocs.

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