Beau Mossey

San Marcos

I was born in Okinawa Japan in the glorious year of 1991. Two months old moved back to Galveston, Texas with my mother and been there ever since. Throughout my life, I've never been one to be musically inclined much less referred to as the song bird of my generation. Needless to say that has never stopped me from singing in the shower and jamming out on the ol air guitar and/or drums in my car. I'm a huge fan of the music industry (minus all the sellouts) and the positive effects it has on people. Since becoming a Public Relations undergraduate student, I have grown to learn the importance of mass media. Music plays a role in our mass media society and I believe there is more to take from these songs that we subconsciencly listen to regularly.

  • Work
    • Rockin R RIver RIdes - New Braunfels
  • Education
    • Texas State University