Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale

We had to put the scale in the bathroom vs the bedroomthough, due to the "slippery when wet" warning from the manufacturer.The scale is battery operated and is very easy to read. I also like the factthat pounds and kilos are together on the face of the scale!

I love the design and function of this scale Not only is itvisually appealing enough for you to leave out in your bathroom but it's supereasy to keep and read track of your weight loss or maintenance goals!

Love this scale especially not having to tap to turn on. Thelight and readout is exceptional. Because of the quality of the scale, I alsoneeded a blood pressure monitor I bought the same brand.

I'm so super excited to be chosen to for a chance to reviewthe the Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical meter, andwhat an amazing scale this is! Last week Ozeri sent me one of their Rev DigitalBathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial. As soon as I opened it Iloved how sheek and modern it looked and as I tred it it gave me my weight in acool neon display and soon as you step off it shuts offs! The Ozeri Rev DigitalBathroom Scale with Electro-Mechanical Weight Dial also offers a full warranty!

The build quality is high and it feels good in your hands,like it won't break in 3 months. It looks better than I 'd hoped. The dialdisplay is large enough to read and the digital display is very easy to read.

Very cool scale. I wanted the analog (dial) version of ascale but also like the digital numbers to read easier. This scale has both andcombines the "tradition" look with a sleek look.

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