Christina Beaulieu

Orlando, FL

Raised by two young single parents no one in my family expected me to graduate from college. I am now almost a Full Sail University graduate with my Bachelors degree in Entertainment Business. Originally starting out at the school in the Digital Arts Program, I decided I had a passion for the music and entertainment business instead. After graduation I intend on continuing my education and receiving my Masters degree in Entertainment Business and hopefully thereafter my AA in Recording Arts.

I have been blessed with many opportunies in the business so far, interning at a concert venue and night club where I was able to work with big name bands such as Kotton Mouth Kings, Neon Trees, and Mac Miller. I am currently interning at CFT (Central Florida Talent) Agency here in Orlando, booking models, singers, and aspiring actors for local productions. I have no limits as far as where I want my career to take me. The plan is to dip my toes into as many aspects of the business as possible.