Beautiful Footsteps


As we race through life, there is joy, yet also sorrow. The sheer delight of a child who discovers that he can RUN can sometimes be dampened by the tears of pain which spring forth when he falls. Follow our family's journey as we tread steadily (and sometimes stumble) down this path of life, which is a Pilgrimage to our Heavenly Home. Our Domestic Church and homeschool together form our School of Love.. which I like to call our Academy of Joyful Hope! I introduce myself last, because I am the least of all.. My name is Tanya and I am a Catholic wife to my best friend Jeff and the grateful mother to six beautiful children. Sometimes, this journey of life is filled with the sheer joy of discovery and sometimes it is just plain hard. But, we know with complete trust in He Who is Love Itself, that at those times when it seems that there's only one set of "Footprints" in the sand.. it is truly then that He is carrying us. Please join us as we ramble down this path of life, our Pilgrimage to Heaven (where I hope to meet you someday, if not here on this earth!).

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