Tiffany Nicole

Tiffany Nicole

I am empowerment guru that believes everyone has a life that is BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN!!!

My passion is to empower, encourage and motivate people through pitfalls as well as success. I take pride in being a catalyst between obstacles and triumph. I am certified in Mentoring Supervision and Empowering Girls for Life. I also facilitate Vision Board, Self-Esteem and Empowerment Workshops.

I have been led to become the Founder of ESTEEM Ink(Essential Skills to Empower, Encourage and Motivate) and the Co-Founder of GLLOW (Great Life Loving Outstanding Women). Both of these organizations celebrate and embrace being great, intelligent, hopeful, resilient, fearless, empowered, encouraged, and motivated. Community service projects, charity and fundraising events, are used to uplift communities. The use of journal writing, introspection, reflection, expectations and positive thinking are techniques used to manifest optimistic thoughts into our destiny. I am also a hairstylist and make up artist that is able use my platform to engage women and girls into a conversation of enjoying beauty as an enhancement and not a facade.

Beautifully Written is composed of words of encouragement directly from my heart. It highlights stories of everyday people who are making a difference in their communities or lives. It shares moments of overcoming obstacles and reaching triumph. It covers celebrities, events, articles or popular news that empower it's audience. It counsels, advise and inspires people to seek their fullest potential. It celebrates, empowers, and challenges every person to be the best version of themselves and it provides a forum to learn and share. Join Tiffany on this journey to be a reminder to herself, you and others as well, that life may bring obstacles but we deserve to be winners, especially when we realize our lives have already been
Beautifully Written!!

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