Beautiful Phillips

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Starting a business from the ground up can be at times stressful but to Beautiful Phillips it was her only desire and option. Founder of 1 Eyeworks Enterprises, she was determined to find way to earn income as a stay at home mom with two children. Although married, and living in the southern town of Dallas, Georgia, her choices were limited. Beautiful decided to start a promotional advertising company to help others promote their business.

Never Challenged by the fact she was legally blind, she sought out partners that could assist in the design and production of products. She managed sales, took meetings with clients verbally and in person to launch her creatively named company 1 Eyeworks . Her no excuses and bold attitude has helped her be handi-capable and never one to talk about being disabled. The promotional advertising company , 1 Eyeworks Enterprises, has over 60,000 products to suit your office, home, and recreational needs

Beautiful, The Author

Beautiful Phillips currently resides in Anniston Alabama. Beautiful was born and raised in the Atlanta area, her goal is to provide quality products and services combined with true southern hospitality. She was born with the ability to see and which has progressively diminished her sight over the years. Beautiful is determined to live life freely and as a handi-capable business woman and author.

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