Wonder Woman

Writer in India

Wonder Woman

Writer in India

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"So here i’m, miles away,

From where I started & where I was.

To get a glimpse of my future,

Whilst breaking all the laws".


"Butterflies in my stomach,

Needless to say, nervous to the core.

There she comes strolling,

Making my heart melt to the floor".


"Sober on alcohol and tipsy toed on her,

takes me to places I haven’t been before.

Dialogues of innocence,

I could just sit and adore".


"The gloating business with her,

could never go wrong.

The way she smiled,

I knew thats where I belong".


"And so the drive comes to an end,

Time to reminisce all that we talked,

Alas! “we were struck at 1st sight”

bidding Goodbye the way she walked".