Beautiful Stranger

-Holding my phone, waiting for your text..

Flip my eyes up and down, so deprived of rest..

-Wondering about you, it’s time I rewind..

All the times I spend with you are one of a kind…

-All said and done I come to a conclusion..

Come what may, life without you is just not done..

-No... You aren’t just a girlfriend..You aren’t just a wife…

You mean the world to me, you mean to me, my life..

-My heart cries...the pain of being away kills..

I try and pacify it, giving the “Temporary Time” pills..

-Love me the way you want, bite..Scratch or rip me apart..

All you’ll find is my one loving heart…

-Scares me the thought of going away from you..

I promise our lives would be crazy & everyday would be new..

-Just come to me my lil grl..come n hold me tight..

I’ll grab you in my arms and never let you outta my sight..