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CAdvanced Thai Healing Massage - £35 an hour
Sometimes we need massage treatments that are more intensive and regular
than the normal treatment. This regular series of Thai advanced massage
treatments are for more deep-seated conditions. Each series of treatments
are individually designed for you by our Thai massage therapist.
If you have any doubts you should always consult your doctor first before coming for treatment.

Thai Traditional Massage - £30 an hour

Thai Massage therapy originated in India and is believed to
have been brought to Thailand by Buddhist monks. Buddhism cam
is thought to have come to Thailand originally in 228 BC from India.

Thai Aroma Therapy Oil Massage - £35 an hour

This is a delightful blend of aroma therapy with gentle applications
of Thai Massage providing for a deep all over peace of mind and body.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage - £40 an hour 30mins