Lesley & Karen

Baseball has always been a passion for Lesley since childhood, and she has been playing on teams for years. Karen, likes to play as well. In 2010, after Lesley's daughter was born, she was looking for other mommy's in the area to get together with for playdates. Lesley ended up emailing with Karen not realizing who it was. When we met up, we knew that we had met before, and have been friends ever since, even played baseball for another season together!

So all in all - it was fate.

Lesley took Art & Art History in university where she studied many different media, including photography. Lesley loved to look through the lens, see new things, and be creative. She has been taking pictures of friends, family, and nature ever since. When her child arrived, it gave her even more inspiration, and wanted to share these beautiful photos.

Karen is a mother of two girls, and enjoys capturing moments with them. Karen loves the outdoors, spending lots of time at her cottage, as well as in her garden. She has a love for the arts, enjoying painting and photgraphy. Karen has taken photos for many years, nature photos at the cottage, family photos, and now children. Her life now consists of 2 princesses, flowers, tutus, and a whole lot of pink!

Real moments are created because they care. They want to make sure you have memories to remember, to hang on your walls or add to your scrapbook. Easy to be around, they understand what you want, are helpful, attentive, considerate of feelings and emotions, Lesley and Karen will fill you with confidence in their work. You will feel at ease with them once you meet them.