Makeup makes me happy. I’ve spent hours upon hours (and enough cash to finance multiple Kardashian weddings) playing with new products and testing trendy beauty procedures- it’s my passion. So, I turned what I love into a career, AKA,

I’ve been obsessed with makeup, skincare and fashion since I was young. My only regret is not realizing it could be a full-time career sooner. My background is in TV journalism and digital marketing, which I love, but not as much as finding that perfect beauty product and telling everyone all about it. Friends and family often ask me how to achieve a makeup look, or ask me to do their makeup for special events. allows me to share all of my beauty loves with an even larger audience.

I believe beauty comes from within… but your personality isn’t the first thing people see- which is why I also believe in makeup! I like to start the day with a smile, and finish it with a dirty martini. Words to live by: “Don’t let idiots ruin your day.”